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"Ugh" Is a Thought. Here's What To Do With It.

Ever tried to do something new--or maybe not so new--and heard yourself sigh an “ugh”?

It’s super normal.

My coach once shared that “Ugh” is a thought.

That was a real eye-opener, because everything we do (or don’t do) stems from our thoughts and feelings.

If our thought about a goal is a weary Ugh, there’s good chance the goal will go abandoned.

That is why we need to be onto ourselves. Our brains try to keep us safe (by staying the same).

This evolutionary protection mechanism doesn’t serve us well, absent a real threat to our safety.

We will not become who we want to be by accident.

Unless we understand how our brains work, we could end up not ever doing the things that we want to do.

I saw this firsthand when I recently went to work out.

I was stuck in indecision over whether to exercise indoors or out.

To be outside, I would have to carry the weights up from the basement. And then I couldn’t find the jump rope.

I heard the Ugh. My brain wanted to skip the workout.

But I didn’t.

To override the confusion, I headed downstairs with a fun playlist, setting out to do a minimum of 15-20 minutes of movement…that ultimately became 60 minutes of exercise.

Small steps, a few minutes at a time, are how we meet our goals.

We become who we want to be through intention living.

And intentional living begins with our thinking.

Taking notice of our thoughts can teach us a lot about why we’ve fallen short of our goals in the past.

Living intentionally means living in service to our goals. We set the goals and manage our minds on the way toward them.

The person you want to become, the life you want to have, is the result of your intentional pursuit.

So where will you choose to focus next?

I’d love to hear where you plan to focus next.

Remember to set intentions for 2021.

You can begin training your brain to take action, starting today.

P.S. - Want to make 2021 the year of better health and lasting change?

1:1 coaching spots are opening up for the new year. It’s where empowered thinking and healthier habits make your upward wellness trajectory inevitable.

Send a message to learn more.

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