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What’s Keeping You from Seeing Clearly

Your words form the lens through which you see the world, and that includes your unspoken words—your thoughts.

When you let your unmanaged mind focus on unhelpful thoughts, then the lens through which you view the world looks pretty murky.

It takes work to manage your thoughts. The primitive part of your brain will tell you that spending time on mindful awareness is a waste of your time.

Be on to your mind, and its sneaky excuses.

Mindful awareness is where freedom lies.

Recently, I noticed my unmanaged mind running amok as I made some changes to my current business structure.

I heard the thought, “Your business isn’t real.”

Then I felt ashamed, as though something had gone wrong, or I had done something wrong. There was a moment when I felt inauthentic and disconnected from my business.

I wasn’t being real with myself.

Do you know the feeling? And if so, how aware are you of how you talk to yourself?

If you are living through the lens created from an unmanaged mind, then your unhelpful thoughts become your truth. Again, your words (and thoughts) become your world.

But they aren’t your actual truth. They are the murky lens.

I know this because our unhelpful thoughts stem from fear, and fear creates murkiness.

They are our brains’ way of keeping us the same (which it believes is the best, safest way to be).

Even if it makes us unhealthy. Or unhappy.

When I recognized my own fear-based thinking about my business, I chose a different lens--one created from love and self-compassion.

I saw my business changes as a step toward new growth. That felt expansive and inspiring, not stressful and scarce.

My unmanaged mind had it backward.

My business is real, because I choose to appear 100% real in my business.

Through this lens, the vision becomes crystal clear.

What about you? Where do you see your unmanaged mind getting things backward? Is it in your business, your family life, or your fitness?

Where can you choose new words today?

Start in the place where you feel stuck. If you are looking through a murky lens, then change feels hard, or even impossible.

That’s the place where your thoughts have become life-depleting. But when you catch on to your critical thinking, you have the chance to change it.

You have the chance to know your authentic self – the self beyond the thoughts – and to befriend that self.

Once you do that, anything is possible. From there, you’re free to make your vision a reality.

P.S.- How clear is your vision? In my 1:1 coaching program, we get crystal clear on your vision, focusing on you and your growth. Ready to stretch? Leave a comment below.

Step out of old thinking and into thriving. It’s all possible.

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