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And it starts with healing your body from the inside out.

We offer a comprehensive transformation of mind, body, and spirit through Pilates, holistic health and nutritional coaching. Discover your body's unique rhythm and routine, and make wholesome foods and full-body nourishment the key to long-term health and wellbeing  


3 Month Restorative Program


This comprehensive 1:1 coaching program is where we work together in 3-month cycles.  

You’ll learn a back-to-basics approach to healthier living while reconnecting to your unique body wisdom.  


This isn’t about pushing toward goals.  Pushing leads to burnout…and you are already doing enough.  


This program teaches you how to work strategically.  It’s about committing to something larger than yourself, growing in belief, and not beating yourself up in the process.


The compounding benefits of this program are just the beginning of your health evolution, where you will:

-feel better in your body

-find renewed energy

-sleep better

-work toward your optimal weight

-eat in a way that feels best for YOU

-boost your immune system,

& reconnect with your intuition


Better health awaits, and it’s not as far away as it seems.


I’ll show you how to achieve the results you are after, and you’ll learn the tools for creating lasting change.



To learn more, email hello@homegrownpilatesandwellness.com.



enjoy our small classes with one-on-one attention

Introductory WEEK OF CLASSES

Try two weeks of virtual studio classes for $30 

Feel the amazing mindbody benefits that come with it


Drop in anytime, on your schedule! 



Pilates and Bootcamp classes, Teacher-led via Zoom-based Livestream.

12x per month: $149

Monthly Unlimited classes:  $179

"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength." - Oprah Winfrey


My passion for nutrition and fitness began at an early age.  I remember racing to read my mother's issues of Prevention Magazine as soon as they hit the mailbox, along with working out to Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons most mornings.  This passion has led to my continued pursuits in the field of wellness, helping women feel their best at every stage of life.  


I hold certifications in comprehensive classical Pilates, indoor cycling, barre, AFAA Group Exercise, and NASM Corrective Exercise.  As a mind-body holistic coach, I'm certified in integrative nutrition and holistic health coaching and am nationally Board-certified by the NBHWC. 


Serving others and the community is at the heart of all that I do.  In the studio, I measure my own success through the fitness and health-focused victories of my clients.  In the community, a percentage of proceeds will be donated to local non-profit groups, such as Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) and The Peace Center in Langhorne, PA. 


Better Health Starts Here

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