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This Almost Became My Lunch Today

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

We've all been there-- I'd had a busy morning and hadn't packed my usual snack, so I was starving for lunch. But before I headed home, I needed to swing by the store to grab some groceries for dinner.

Inside, I was immediately overcome by the most amazing bakery smells-- some delicious, blueberry pie type thing-- coming from the bakery section. I decided to just do a bakery fly-by (you know, just to see what was there) and a doughnut almost made its way into my cart.

A doughnut that I hadn't been thinking about before I entered the store...and that I didn't even want.

Here's what happened next:

I stopped and checked in with myself-- did I really want the doughnut? Nah! What I really wanted was a yummy lunch that was just 15 minutes away, at home.

Sure, the doughnut would taste good, but it's not what I really wanted for myself. I was simply hungry and therefore tempted by just about anything.

The doughnut did not come home with me, so I'm calling this a win, because I never wanted it in the first place. We are faced with so many situations like this day in, day out. And in the moment, the proverbial doughnut may seem small and insignificant.

But wellness is the culmination of all of the healthy little things that you do for yourself over time.

I'm so glad I waited to have lunch at home. It was colorful and nutritious and good fuel for the afternoon. The doughnut will be there to enjoy when I really want to indulge my sweet tooth.

What's your win for the day? Go knock it out of the park! #thelittlethingscount

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