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you are not a machine

I hope you use this weekend to make time to do some of your favorite things, whether it’s sitting outside with a good book, cooking your favorite meal, or knitting.

Even as you look over and notice a dirty plate on the counter, waiting to be washed.

Because you are not a machine.

Energetic balance is an important part of being healthy, and it’s often overlooked. When you are taking on too much, your body lets you know. You might feel physically tired, mentally drained, or irritable with those you love. Over time, without heeding the warning signs, the body becomes injured or ill.

So remember to care for yourself as an act of personal power. Only you know your limits, so learning how to avoid being sapped by your own overdoing and overthinking is vital for your health.

Think of your soul as the power battery of your life. Do just enough, without draining the battery entirely.

Rest. Recharge.

Here’s an invitation: make more time and space for yourself. Not to get more done, but just to feel what it’s like to have time and space.

Have a great weekend.

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