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A Future You'll Be Thankful For

I have a system that I put into place for returning home from a trip. I love this system because it sets me up, making getting back to homelife simple and straightforward.

One of the things I do is recycle my meal plan from the week before our departure. This means whatever 5 meals we had leading up to vacation, we’ll have again the week we return.

I might double up when prepping a meal the week prior (doubling the meatballs, for example) so that when I return, there is a batch waiting in the freezer.

And for the rest of the meals, I grab that same grocery list to take to the market upon return. (Bonus: you could also have this grocery list of items delivered to your home.)

My husband thinks I’m crazy for this one…but I also make sure the floors and counters are clean before we leave. Yes, this means more work leading up to vacation, but for me there is nothing like coming home to a tidy house.

I call these systems Favors for Future-Me.

You may have your own similar systems—if you do, please hit reply and share them. I’m all about simplicity!

This extends beautifully to wellness routines too.

Think about your health and wellness goals. Are there systems in place to help you reach them?

Having a good system is essential to anything you want to achieve.

To help you find a system that works, consider what you would like to be doing more of 6 months from now. Also consider what you would like to be doing less of 6 months from now.

Maybe you’d like to be getting more sleep and doing less late night phone scrolling.

Maybe you would like to be doing more movement.

Maybe you would like to be eating out less.

A good system will feel like a favor TO you, FROM you. What small favor can you start doing now?

Future-you will have so much love and gratitude for what you decide to do for her today.

How will you set her up?

P.S.- My Reset and Restore program is where we work together to create a system that works, so that wellness feels simple and straightforward.

When you have a strong system, your goals are inevitable.

If you’ve struggled in the past with staying consistent, you were not the problem. You just need a new system. I'll help you find the winning one. Register for a consult today.

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