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Being Healthy Isn't About Being Perfect

A mind LOVES theories. It's always looking for the next best dieting advice, workout routine, supplements, skincare, and more. It's always seeking a new solution, out there.

Yes, new knowledge can be super helpful. But if you're spending all your time out there searching for how to do healthy better (whatever that means!), you miss tapping into the deep body wisdom that you already know.

Here’s 3 ways to step out of the search cycle, slow down, and heal your body on deeper level.

1. Adopt a holistic approach to health.

Your health is not just about the food on your plate. It’s also about the water your drink, the air you breathe, the quality of your relationships, and your sense of connection to the natural world. These things should be looked at together, along with food, rather than separately.

2. Listen to Your Body.

There is no one right diet, workout routine, or mindfulness practice that works for everyone. The right one for you is the one that feels second-nature. Experiment with what works and stick with it. No need to keep searching for bigger and better. If it’s out there and meant for you, trust that it will find you. You can stop searching.

3. Stay Curious.

It’s easy to rush to judgment when it comes to anything health-related. The body doesn’t make mistakes. It is a super biocomputer that knows how to maintain a healthy temperature, to breathe on its own. Your heart doesn’t miss a beat. If you are craving something, listen to your body. Don’t berate yourself for wanting something that you don’t think it should want. Stay curious, notice if your body needs actual food, or does it need emotional nourishment—laughter, love, connection, decompression, or excitement. Listen to your body and find healthy ways to satisfy the craving.

This back to basics approach doesn’t require for you to execute it perfectly. When you feel out of balance, return to these concepts. Just come back.

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