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Being Invisible Is Not a Superpower

Do you remember when you were a child, pondering which superpower you wish you had?

Did you wish you could fly? Or that you could transform into other creatures?

Did you wish that you could grant yourself three wishes, and have them magically come true?

I remember thinking it would be amazing to be invisible, allowing me to be in any place, at any time, without anyone knowing.

Invisibility would serve us well if we were pretending to be spies or ghosts.

But living an invisible life by choosing to remain out of view can hold us back.

For when we remain unseen, we are safe.

Yet when we play it safe, we risk too little.

In playing it safe, we trade growth for comfort.

Do you ever seek invisibility, remaining comfortably unseen?

Do you shy away from speaking your truth?

If so, you are not alone.

It was startling for me to realize the extent to which my life experiences have been behind a veil of invisibility.

It was safer that way.

Invisibility looked like:

Silence within a group, but knowing I had something to say.

Social reservation, waiting for someone to invite me in.

Hiding my gifts and talents, knowing deep down that I had something to contribute.

My invisibility was driven by thoughts like,

“No one wants to hear from me.”

“My ideas aren’t worth sharing or repeating.”

“No one will notice my absence.”

These are messages I’ve had quietly running in the background for years. Discovering them feels super unsafe.

But sometimes the only way out is through.

I know on the other side of risk and discomfort is a new level of freedom.

A freedom that leads to personal growth.

And with personal growth comes deeper connections within ourselves, and with those we love dearly.

When we are willing to do the inner work, new possibilities await.

I am not going to pretend to know exactly what those future possibilities look like, but I am open to receiving what life has in store.

I will be looking at life through a different lens now, for as we gain clarity about old beliefs, new beliefs are created.

I am reshaping my mind to allow for visibility in my life. For me, visibility looks like

Initiating connections with others instead of looking to others to create the relationship.

Believing that my creations, my business, and my voice make a difference.

Knowing that my presence matters, and that there is room for me, too.

We can create new beliefs to move us forward.

Beliefs that we want our daughters to learn from us.

Because we all have something powerful and unique to share.

Your presence matters.

Life is for you.

Can you feel the power in these thoughts?

How will you grow into greater visibility?

For visibility is our TRUE superpower.

Showing up for you, with love.


PS- I coach women to rewrite their stories and say YES to themselves.

Imagine all the support, all the strategies, all the encouragement, belief, all the challenges- concentrated on you.

45 minutes where two brains focus together- solely on you.

Your struggles. Your thoughts. Your results.

This is why I always invite you to hop on a call with me. It's the absolute most valuable thing I have to offer you.

Contact me here and book a call.

What stories you would like to rewrite? We all have them. Through rewriting them, we set ourselves free.

Comment below and share them with me. I always enjoy hearing from you!

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