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Comparison Only Pretends to Be Necessary

Comparison isn't necessary.

It’s normal for us to look to others for a frame of reference.

But it’s not helpful.

Brains tell stories.

About how others have something you don’t.

That they have it easier.

That they must have a secret sauce (if only you knew what it was!)

Your brain will also compare Present You to Past You (this seems harmless, right?)

But you are not your 20-yr-old self, who could do a triple axel.

Or the You who was 20 lbs thinner.

Or the You who was stronger two weeks ago… (this was me, yesterday).

So why compare?

Why garbage talk yourself?

We waste time in the belief that SHE was better than YOU are right now.

This belief will hold you back.

It stops you from being good to yourself right now.

Our work is to practice framing our self-concept in the most impressive way.

To stop diminishing who we are, based on what once was, or what someone else has.

You cannot create more from believing you aren’t enough.

Believe from love.

To grow into who you want to be.

This is one of the skills I practice with my clients. When you can see the road blocks that are created by your thinking, accomplishing your goals becomes possible.

You spend less time fighting against yourself. This is the way to lasting change.

If your find yourself comparing, to two months or two decades ago, I can help you do things differently. To learn more about hitting your goals in an entirely new way, let’s talk.

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