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Find Your Zen Approach to Wellness

One of the top reasons people say that they like working with me is that I have such a calm approach to wellness. This is true not only in how I run a class or coach my clients, but in every aspect of my life. Everything I bring into a class or offer through coaching has a purpose. Now you might think that you could never feel calm. There's chaos all around you. You’ve tried meditation but it doesn’t work. You don’t get a chance to slow down.

But it is possible for you. I know this because I have not always been this way. I used to feel overwhelmed…a lot. I used to suffer frequent panic attacks. I still have anxiety. The fact that I am not special in the way I’m wired means that this approach is something you can learn, from me, and apply to your own life.

Here are a few secrets to my Zen approach to workouts, wellness, and lifestyle that you can apply today. 1. Know your core values. Knowing my core values (aka, what matters most to me) gives me rules to live by. Anything I allow into my life must fall under one of those values. If it doesn’t, there’s a good chance that I’ll let it go. Some of my core values include health, connection, movement, authenticity, and simplicity. Living by these values means less stress because I’m living on purpose. 2. Bring attention to your breath. Your breath says a lot about how you’re feeling. When my breath feels shallow and short, I know I need to tune in and get curious. Whether it’s in the car or in a Pilates class, focus on lengthened, fuller breaths. Slower, deeper breathing signals safety to your brain, restoring calm for your nervous system. 3. Practice awareness of thoughts and feelings. I used to rush through this one because, why would I spend one more minute than I need to feeling discomfort? But there is information to be mined from discomfort. Now, instead of bypassing uncomfortable emotions, I take time to understand where them stem from. 4. Nurturing myself. Creating new health habits isn’t a cake walk, because every change takes you into your zone of growth. And growth just won’t feel amazing all the time. What makes change easier is showing yourself some compassion. For me, this means not only taking breaks, cozying up with a good book, or getting into nature, but also noticing unkind self-judgment loops that I get into. Remind yourself that these are just sentences/stories of the mind that you don’t have to keep feeding. See those stories, and remind yourself that they're a faulty thought habit, then let it go.

You can achieve your goals so much faster when you take a calmer approach.

My clients have shown me this over and over—when they learn how to create calm and peace within themselves, they’re able to course-correct eating habits and introduce new movement a lot more easily. This is what I teach you in my 1:1 Reset and Restore program and it makes all the difference in your approach to wellness and lifestyle changes that last. If you want to break old habits and feel good about doing it, then a Zen approach is a must. To learn more about how Reset and Restore might work for you, set up a free call here. It’s a chance to get clear on your goals and next steps, without any pressure to buy a thing. x,


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