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Finding the Right Diet (and how to free yourself from overthinking about food)

Most people spend a lot of time, energy, and money trying to figure out how they should be eating.

They have a goal in mind --to lose weight, have more energy, prevent chronic illness, or reverse early stages of disease.

It’s normal for clients to come to me with a complicated list of rules they try to live and eat by. They have ideas about what times to eat, when to stop eating, how many carbohydrates they should be eating, the right ratio of macronutrients, of what foods count toward daily totals.

They’ve been to dieticians and nutritionists.

They’ve tried diets from books and social media.

And for the few who can follow those rules, they’re still not seeing the results that they had hoped for.

They aren’t sure what to do next.

This is all normal.

And this is what you must know:

Nutritious eating and reaching your wellness goals isn’t complicated.

The only reason we ever complicate anything, including how to eat, is because of doubt.

doubt that your body will respond the way you want it to (will I get good results?).

doubt that you’ll stick with the rules for as long as you need to. (do I have what it takes?)

doubt that this diet will be the last. (will this really work for good?)

So how do you figure out what you should be doing?

Two things: 1/ by changing your relationship to doubt, and overriding doubtful thoughts, and 2/ by simplifying the process.

The foods you choose, and the health habits you create have to be about YOU.

You have to like what you’re doing, and your reasons for doing them.

Simplicity isn’t about following someone else’s quick fix.

It’s about adopting a back-to-basics approach that’s rooted in nutritional wisdom: incorporating plant-based foods. colorful ingredients. and eating foods with short ingredient lists (with fewer that come in a box, bottle, or wrapper).

You get to be your own expert.

Question all rules for eating.

Focus on what you do know.

Understand what foods you’re attracted to and why.

Take action using this information.

This is diet freedom.

When you trust a basic approach and keep it simple,

you don’t spend every day worrying about what to eat

you don’t need to count and course-correct for how you’re eating

you only need to know a few basic things-- what foods make up a healthy plate, what your body responds well to, and how to be kinder toward yourself.

That’s it.

You grow so much by learning from your body’s unique intelligence.

This isn’t fancy work, but it’s the kind of work that leads to lasting results and enjoying your life, in a body that’s fueled by love.

If you’re unsure, if you’ve never listened to your body before and you aren’t sure what the basics are—it’s okay. That’s more than normal. All I do is help and serve people who are on this same journey. The process works. I’ll help you from start to finish. If you’re curious about working together, click here to set up a free mini-coaching call.

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