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getting back on the healthy bandwagon

Most of what you and I see in the world is abnormal aging.

The only reason it seems normal is because so many people experience the same disease patterns and injury to their bodies.

But the truth is that just because a lot of people experience it, does not mean it is what our bodies are meant to do. These patterns simply underscore that an unhealthy input results in an unhealthy output.

If you are like me, you probably want to feel good and live as high quality of a life as possible, for as long as possible. You can easily do that. Know that with a few simple changes to your input, your healthspan (how many years you’re healthy) can equal your lifespan (your years of life).

Almost ALL of the conditions and diseases that people attribute to age are, in fact, lifestyle diseases. This means that they are 100% within your healing power and cannot be cured through medicine. Your day-to-day choices have a real time effect on how your body regulates itself.

And it’s never too late to begin repairing.

There are only a few very basic things to do in order to keep your body running well. When you begin doing these things, it’s a matter of days, not months or years, before your body begins to feel better.

Symptoms like weight gain around the middle, belly bloat, brain fog, anxiety, joint pain, low energy…to name a few…all stem from just a few root causes, ALL of which can be addressed through healthy habits.

A few tweaks in

your diet

your sleep routine

managing your stress

moving your body (more is not always better)

your relationships

your home environment--

is everything your mind-body needs to heal.

You are not as far away from a pain-free, longer healthspan as you think. Now, there is a part of you that doesn’t believe me. I know that. It’s the same part of you that keeps you in old habits, believing that this is just what bodies do. They get sicker with age.

This is what your body will do, unless you begin to question this truth.

You can continue to be frustrated with your health scenario and try things here and there. Nothing will work for long with this approach.

Or you could decide to love your body now and give it what it needs to repair, no matter how old you are or how long you’ve been living distressed and disconnected.

I’m inviting you to take control of your healthspan starting now. If you haven’t figured this out yet on your own, it has nothing to do with not being good enough, something being wrong with you, or not having enough willpower. It's never this.

On your journey to healing mind and body, do not use unkind words like this against yourself.

This journey is all about repairing and restoring, which always begins with repairing and restoring your relationship with yourself.

When you nurture this relationship first, the body will follow.

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