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How Do We Know We Can Trust Ourselves?

Last week in my blog post, I talked about the power we have available to us when we build trust in our inner knowing. We can trust ourselves to choose nourishing foods that meet our present needs.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But some of you wrote in wondering whether your inner knowing is truly trustworthy. You shared that in the past, listening to yourself has led to results that are counter to your highest sense of well-being.

This raises a really important point. How do we know when we are being guided by our true wisdom … or something else in disguise?

It takes some time and practice to reconnect with that trustworthy part of ourselves, to discern that true voice from all of the other voices.

I know what that’s like.

I think back to when I mistakenly thought that my critical inner voice was my inner knowing. The critical voice was helping me be more productive and work harder, but it was also the same voice that reminded me that my effort was never good enough.

Until my body let me know that perfectionism wasn’t working. I now realize that my inner knowing was not the guiding force, because it will protect me from burnout, not lead me to it.

Again, how can we tell whether we’re listening to our wisdom or to our inner critic?

Here are some ways to distinguish between them through the sensations we experience:

Working from our inner truth feels expansive, calming and restorative. Our inner truth is rooted in self-care, becoming a source of inner peace. These actions lead to better health and a higher state of being. They bring you closer to your vision or goal.

By contrast, actions that are inner truth-in-disguise may feel good in the moment (like grabbing the extra cupcake or sacrificing sleep for productivity) but in the long run, they are not in service to who we want to be and how we want to live.

We often choose (or even surrender to) these actions when we are in low energy-- feeling stressed, busy, tired, worried, or overwhelmed. These behaviors take us further away from our goals and future vision.

These questions are useful for learning to connect with your inner knowing:

-Will this bring me closer to my goal or future vision?

-Does this feel like personal control or surrendering to an urge?

-How does this feel in my body? Does it feel light and expansive or heavy and constrictive?

-Will I regret this? Will I feel disappointed with myself for taking this action?

-Does this feel hurried or frenetic?

-Does this feel loving and restorative for me?

Again, learning the difference between the two takes time and practice. But you can start right now.

Taking a moment to make a simple inquiry is enough to offer some valuable insight. A short and consistent practice will reconnect you to your truth.

Cultivating self-trust is one of the greatest gifts you can offer yourself. Your inner knowing is always for you and your inner peace.

It will never steer you wrong.

Share below with a time you mistakenly listened to your inner truth-in -disguise. In those moments, we learn.

P.S. In my coaching program, I help women prioritize their self-care and reconnect with themselves. You learn to trust yourself, choosing to live your healthiest, most balanced life.

Use the Contact tab to learn more. Begin hitting your wellness goals today.

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