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How To Stop Procrastinating and Get Stuff Done

You know those times when you’re procrastinating?

When you know you need to make an appointment, but you don’t pick up the phone?

When there’s that errand to run, but you make a cup of tea instead?

When taxes are due in April, but you tell yourself, “Not today”?

Now, it’s normal and expected to have days where you’re just not feeling up to the task. Rest when needed. I’m talking about those tasks that you know you want to do, but don’t ever seem to get around to.

Goals are for practicing doing the things that DON’T come easy to you…yet.

That’s where the growth edge lies.

So I’ll preface by saying that it’s normal for goals to have a little bit of stress associated with them. Some stress can be a good thing when we are approaching the goal from a healthy, self-supported place.

Here are reasons why you procrastinate:

you want to avoid feeling fear, doubt, limiting beliefs, shame, self-criticism…to name a few.

One part of you will whisper…

…you don’t know how.

…they don’t want to hear from you.

…you might screw this up.

…this is boring.

Which is why procrastination feels stressful.

So how DO you get stuff done?

à You allow the whispers, but you don’t believe them.

You invite them in, without giving the thoughts any real weight. They are just words showing up like a warning signal.

Then you take action anyway.

Those thoughts that prevent you from getting stuff done? They’re just one part of you.

But that’s not ALL of you.

There’s another part of you, who doesn’t get nearly as much airplay,

who is fully aware of your genius

who knows what you’re capable of

and who is ready to get to work figuring things out.

So whatever it is that you’ve been putting off, decide if it’s important (you want to put your energy there) and /or necessary (like preparing a tax return).

If it meets these criteria, then ask what would move you ahead.

The bar can be REALLY low, especially at the beginning.

I use my mantra Something is better than nothing to remind myself that I just need to do Something.

I do something because something IS progress.

After all, doing something leads to better second versions, and downright impressive third and fourth versions of your efforts.

You make progress. You build connection.

You build renewed trust in YOU as the person who can do these things.

So just start.

Book the class.

Step outside.

Unroll your mat.

Place one hand on your heart, the other on your belly, and breathe in and out 10 times.

Whatever you do, do it without judgment.

You have started, and that's enough.

Trust yourself to start.

P.S. - A commitment to something comes first. Working with me, you’ll learn how to set goals you love, stay committed, and make easy progress.

Building confidence comes from consistency. You get good at that.

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