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Intentionality Is Everything

I was working with a client this weekend who is struggling with overeating at dinnertime. We discovered that sometimes too much time was lapsing between meals in the lead up to dinner.

I know all about this one-- letting ourselves get too hungry sets us up for overeating at the next meal...and cravings... and even giving in to sugary, high-calorie snacks to tide us over.

Here's where planning and setting intentions can be so powerful:

My client decided that starting this week, she would bring some celery sticks to work to pair with a lonely jar of peanut butter that she keeps in her desk. Awesome! With just a little planning, she has set herself up for great success this week. No trips to the vending machine, while avoiding eating twice as much when dinnertime rolls around.

I also happened to have a bunch of celery in my own veg drawer that was beginning to wilt, so I followed her lead and cut it up for the week ;) .

I know I'll eat it when it's prepared and ready to go.

So how can you plan ahead this week to eat for optimal energy and take care of your health?

Small steps like this will get you there.

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