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Quick Fixes

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

I don’t believe in quick fixes.


Or 30-day challenges.

You’ve probably seen them, and maybe even tried them before. Maybe they delivered on their promise.

But there was a cost.

It got you there in record time, as long as you were willing to:

  • feel energetically spent;

  • give up a lot and sacrifice your body for the end result;

  • ignore the stress and strain you were putting on yourself.

Achieving your goals this way is hard. It will always feel restrictive. It will require huge sacrifice. It will feel like a lot of pressure.

It’s so hard that you can’t keep it up and eventually lose the ground you gained.

Which is why so many people get stuck where they are.

What if you really want to hit your goal?

Then try a new approach, where your goal:

  • Is only there to serve as a big ARROW, saying “GO THIS WAY”, not to make you feel bad

  • Is your invitation to CONNECT with yourself, your body, and your body’s needs, however long that takes

  • Is about changing relationships, in mind and body, and then to others, so you emerge stronger and more flexible on this journey.

Imagine doing goals this way.

It begins with the understanding that your body is not broken.

There’s nothing to fix.

You are worth taking care of.

There is no hurry.

Imagine reaching your highest levels of wellness with self- love and respect intact.

What could you achieve?

How would you grow?

What would that feel like?

You deserve a solid foundation.

You deserve healing and health without sacrifice.

You can experience success, love your body, and feel light and ease.

At the same time.

If you’re not having the growth you want, and you want to make things happen and feel good as you do, then book a consultation. Let’s move you through stuck to growth, with calm, nurturance, and ease.

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