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Resolution Discomfort

I didn’t like making New Year’s resolutions. They always seemed superficial. In the past, I would lose focus on my goals, long before the year was over. But here’s what I’ve learned about myself:

I DO set goals.

Lots of stealthy ones. I kept them hidden. A secret from myself sometimes. They used to remain hidden in the shadows.

But I knew that they were there, because if I didn’t reach them, I was disappointed with myself. There's income goals, exercise targets, wellness habits. They’re all there.

Do you have secret goals?

I’ve been reflecting on why I do. And here’s what I’ve come up with: My goals are laced with self-judgment. I realized that I've been attaching lots of meaning to my successes, and also to my shortfalls.

Which creates pressure. And pressure isn’t fun.

This happens when we give our goals the wrong purpose. The goal is never meant to use as a weapon and make you feel a certain way about yourself. You get to love yourself no matter what, independent of your goal.

The purpose of the goal is to fuel the effort. To create an identity shift for who you need to become in order to create that result. No matter how long it takes or how many tries it takes.

When we don’t bring our goals into the light, we struggle to grow. We stay stuck in the weeds.

I can choose to live in the weediness of stealthy goals. Without owning my wants and desires. With only a fuzzy sort-of plan for accomplishing them... a loose outline that I likely won’t stick to.

Or, I can bring the goals into the light. This means bravely making a plan, following the plan, and coaching myself or getting coached when I’m stuck in the weeds. I get to examine my self-judgment and fear of failing, of being imperfect, of being disappointed.

No matter whether I reach the goals or not, there's always growth.

So my resolution this year is to acknowledge my goals. Bringing them into the light.

So that I can create what I want and a path for growth. Do you have a plan?

If you have stealthy goals, and desire to create a plan and grow with me in 2022, then I'm inviting you to book a consult. I’ll help you create a personalized plan without the pressure, to keep you out of the weeds. When you uncover what’s been holding you back, you grow.

Light and love to you this year. And if you'd like to book a call, you can do that HERE. Talk to you soon. Christine

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