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Sitting on a Fence Gets Uncomfortable

How often do you find yourself sitting on a fence, feeling stuck in indecision?

Indecision is a form of mental confusion, and our brains love to hang out there.

It means you get to stay the same, in the life you have right now.

Being stuck means not having to take risks. Never having to make change toward creating a life that you would enjoy more.

It means never making a “mistake” (if there is such a thing) or getting uncomfortable.

You can choose to not take responsibility for all that’s under your control in your life.

You can remain on the fence, in the belief that life is happening TO you, rather than FOR you.

But there is a cost to sitting on the fence.

Every day that you wake up on the fence, your mind has to toil in the indecision all over again. (And that feels lousy.)

The fence gets uncomfortable.

So how do you find relief?

By realizing that you're both the cause and solution to your stuck-ness.

So decide that you are not stuck.

Notice how your thinking shifts.

Hop off the fence.

Growth awaits.

P.S.- If you struggle with indecision, start by deciding to schedule a free consult. You have nothing to lose (except the agony of sitting on the fence). Actually, that sounds pretty good.

Use the website Contact for a booking link to get started.

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