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The Fastest Way to What You Want

We’ve been taught that the path to improved health doesn’t come easily. No pain, no gain, as they say.

You might believe that getting the result you want will require restriction and excessive action—restrictive dieting, exercising, and lots of willpower— which is like beating yourself up on the way to your goals.

There is a drastically different approach to your goal. It focuses on the expansiveness that comes from the cultivation of self-compassion and self-awareness. The practice begins with noticing your thought patterns, and how you think about yourself.

Our minds will naturally resist working on mindset. It takes patience-- when all we really want is to get to the result as fast as possible. As soon as possible.

But here’s the thing.

Working on mindset IS the fastest way to what you want. The fastest way to lasting change is from Love.

I talk a lot about the mind-body connection and how important it is for overall health. When the mind is in tune with our physical responses, we have the tools for managing stress and discomfort more effectively.

One of my favorite tools for fostering a powerful mind-body connection is Pilates. Pilates enhances our ability to hear instruction and then translate it into precise, controlled body movement.

You create a mindful experience, where all past and future focus is quieted. In a Pilates session, you become fully present in your body through focused breathing, mindful movement, and deep concentration.

Yet, getting the body to do what the mind envisions isn’t always easy! It is a practice that improves over time. Communication between the mind and body becomes sharper and easier with experience.

Mindset work begins with the exploration of our thoughts and feelings. Our feelings stem from emotions that create physical sensations in the body. Pilates is an opportunity to explore how our body responds to our thoughts.

Mind-body disconnection often becomes apparent through poor posture, muscular imbalance and weakness, chronic discomfort or pain, and even emotional or psychological struggles.

We often hold tension in our bodies unconsciously. Pilates is an active meditation, focusing on breath and body, while improving circulation, posture, flexibility and strength.

There was a time when I failed to appreciate the benefits of mind-body connection. In my busy life, Pilates felt “too slow” for my racing mind and lifestyle.

But over time, my body let me know that my lifestyle needed to change.

Pilates was how I first established a self-care practice, while building a strong mind-body connection. Its focused work is relaxing, challenging, and gratifying.

Through mindful movement and body awareness we discover where we carry stress, and how to begin to release it. Releasing stress cultivates calm, clarity, and the mindset for powerful change.

Curious about the mind-body connection? Come try a free week of Pilates!

Classes are for all levels, and every body.

Contact the Homegrown studio to get started.

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