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The Only Step You Need to Know to Reach Success

Have you ever found yourself yearning for guidance, without understanding that the best guidance is your own?

Have you caught your first response being, “But I don’t know how”?

Good news.

If have found yourself looking for help, unable to pause for long enough to tap into your own talents, knowledge and creativity, then you have a human brain.

Sometimes looking for the How (the solution to unsolved problems) involves making purchases that FEEL like progress-- buying a book or new equipment, stationery supplies, or an app.

While consuming information and buying things may be enough to get started, it won’t produce the sustainable energy necessary to take you into consistent action.

When it comes to anything worthwhile, our human minds are wired to look for the How (the answer) outside of ourselves.

We want to bypass the experimentation, time, and energy that goes into bringing one’s personal vision to life. We believe that others have it all figured out for us.

It’s like walking along the beach, finding an impressive seashell, and then someone stopping to ask how to find a shell just like it.

The answer is always exploration. There is no shortcut.

But our minds want a shortcut. The brain doesn’t think from abundance unless we make the suggestion. Instead, it’s programmed to first look for what we don’t know and what we don’t have yet.

We struggle to call on the strengths and resources we already possess.

I’ve been there myself.

Recently, I was working in my business and frantically looking for the How.

I thought that other successful entrepreneurs MUST know something that I don’t, and that if I could figure out what they were doing, then I would have the blueprint for successful growth.

And here’s what happened next (maybe you can relate): I began researching other businesses, studying their statistics, and reviewing their content.

I wasn’t focused on what I already have or know.

I felt inferior to them. I judged myself for not knowing the winning formula. I questioned whether I have what it takes to hit my goals.

And then I caught onto myself.

My thinking was the product of an unmanaged mind. A mind that perceives business growth as too risky.

But the tamed mind knows better. It knows that harder, scarier things are worthwhile in the pursuit of purpose and growth.

The paradox of the search for the How is that while the information seems useful at the outset, the doubt and confusion it creates slows you down.

Doubt and confusion keep you stuck, looking for how to get it right. Guaranteed.

And for most of us, this uncertainty is the extent of our progress.

The result is inaction.

How can we go beyond doubt and confusion?

How do we embark on our own creative journeys?

We cultivate learning energy.

In learning energy, we trust ourselves to make decisions and take action, even in the face of uncertainty, trusting that clarity will come along the way.

Although acquisition of HOW knowledge seems like the answer, our most gratifying moments emerge from discovering the answers for ourselves.

As we utilize our unique strengths and abilities, we gain confidence along the way. We rely less on others, and more on our own intuition.

Your process will be as unique as you are.



P.S.—You know how to hit your goals. That said, guided learning (such as coaching) can accelerate the time it takes to create success.

I’m here to help you reach your goals and create empowered thinking. Email me for details.

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