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The Secret to Reaching Goals Faster. Plus a Simple Quiz to Supercharge Your Life

There’s a ton of research on positivity, and even more suggestions out there for how to cultivate it. But being more positive might sound daunting and even a bit stressful.

Happiness can feel like something that some people naturally have, while others were skipped over they were handing out the positivity gene.

But fear not! If you are feeling skipped over, do not despair...

I’m here to shed a little wisdom on the topic and I’m going to make positivity-building super simple, easy, and attainable.

First, I want to dispel this idea that something is wrong with you for not feeling good all the time.

You’re not supposed to. (Thank goodness, because I don't fall into that first category of people).

In fact, it goes against your biology. Human brains are naturally wired for negative bias, meaning we are programmed to look out for things gone wrong. It’s part of your survival instinct, and it’s what has kept you safe up until now.

AND, the problem is, without an awareness of your brain’s natural Eeyore tendencies (“If it is a good morning, which I doubt…”) you can get pulled downward, without even knowing it, into a habit of negativity. It’ll feel like walking around with a weighted backpack on all the time, only its strapped to your thinking.

If you want to reshape your life for the better, the secret is to unload the backpack and create more bounce in your step,, along with a lighter outlook.

The goal isn’t to feel positive all the time (remember, that's not how we're designed), but you can learn how to spend less time in the familiar, rigid, predictable patterns of negative thinking.

It can be really hard to spot your own negative thought patterns.

So, I want to introduce this simple, research-based quiz to help you spot that areas that might be holding you back. When boosted, these areas will offer the biggest bang for your buck as far as feeling better faster.

The World Health Organization’s Wellbeing Index (WHO-5) has you explore these five areas:

How often over the last two weeks have you felt these five categories of positive emotions?

  1. I have felt cheerful and in good spirits.

  2. I have felt calm and relaxed.

  3. I have felt active and vigorous.

  4. I woke up feeling fresh and rested.

  5. My daily life has been filled with things that interest me.

What stands out for you?

Your responses probably won’t surprise you (I believe we KNOW how to help ourselves; we just don’t always follow our own inner wisdom) but seeing your answers focuses your mind on EXACTLY what matters.

And why does it matter?

Here’s the gold: because the happier you are, the more likely you are to be successful.

So, if you want to accomplish your goals this year and do amazing things, focus first on caring for yourself and your emotional wellbeing.

When you feel good, you'll have to energy to do more of the good things you set out to do.

Whichever areas stood out to you, that is your work. Find simple ways to solve for it.

See where it takes you. x,


P.S.--In health coaching, I use a two-part approach that’s all about boosting your wellbeing while implementing simple healthy steps.

We get super clear on what you want, make a really simple plan to follow, with just the skills you’ll need for hitting your goals without ever feeling restricted.

You’ll always be making progress because you get really good at creating more goodness in your life.

Want to kick off this year healthier and happier?

Start HERE with a simple call. Bring anything you’d like to work through, and let’s make progress in just 45 minutes together!

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