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There Is No Right Way...There's Only the Way You Make Right

It’s February! Are you doing more of what you want to be doing? Are you doing it consistently?

If you’re off to a sluggish start, it’s okay. Me too.

Sometimes it takes time to uncover how we’re making things harder for ourselves. Other times, we instantly recognize it.

Here’s a good place to start. Ask yourself, “Why isn’t this working yet?”

What comes up when you answer that question for yourself? Ask it, and wait to hear what your mind offers up. (it's the roadmap for what to do next.)

Your brain likes default to confusion, keeping you unready.

It will question what to eat, which workout to do, when to take action, how to stay motivated...these ALL create confusion and do not feel good to your brain.

And when something doesn’t feel good, you won't feel aligned and ready for action.

Deep down, I’ll bet you have an idea for where to start.

We all do.

What stands between that idea, and executing on it, are your thoughts and beliefs.

Working on beliefs is at the heart of coaching. I help my clients see the thoughts that keep them stuck, even when they know what to do.

We ALL fall into this cycle. It’s what brains like to do. Without a shift in our thought patterns, the problem remains a problem.

The same mind that created the problem, cannot also solve for it.

But I know you want solutions.

I’m going to give you a tip today that works for EVERYONE. It will work for you too.

Here it is: Eat more Real Food.

This works for everyone because our physiology is more alike than not.

Healing your body begins by 1// Protecting Your Liver and 2// Feeding Your Gut (with healthy, plant-based fiber).

You can accomplish both by reducing the amount of processed, packaged food in your diet.

It’s that simple, and it’s life-changing.

Give it a try. Remember to keep it simple and start small.

Until next time,


PS--My FREE e-book is a guide for how to reduce Added Sugars in your diet (while Protecting your liver and feeding your gut). You can get that here:

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