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Using Mind-Body Wisdom to Do the Extraordinary

Before you can feel better; before you can feel more calm and confident

you must first be aware of your mind.

Your mind will impulsively make future predictions based solely on what it knows of your past.

Here’s how a mind works:

Never lost or kept off 20 lbs before?

It will cast doubt on how that could ever be possible for you.

Never been able to control your shopping?

It will have you believe that you’ll always struggle to save and be in control of your money.

Always been a worrier?

It will tell you that’s just who you are. A calmer life is unattainable.

These are the workings of an ordinary mind that sees only what it wants to see,

through the lens of the past.

You'll continue live under the limitations of ordinary thoughts until you own what is yours to control: your thinking.

Your thoughts create your reality.

And your brain is your most powerful tool. You get to choose what you want to focus on.

You get to choose what you want to think about

your body,

your behavior,

your past.

You can choose to believe something you’ve never believed before.

And if you do, your life will change.

You can have a confident body that you are comfortable in.

You can feel calm and in control, no matter what is happening around you.

You can gain control of your spending, scrolling, or worrying.

It simply takes one decision, to choose a new thought. And then decide for yourself, over and over again.

Out of love.

Choose to tell the most empowering story about yourself. Always.

P.S.-- I'm a holistic wellness coach and a mind-body expert who helps people break free from ordinary thought patterns and create a more peaceful life. The journey starts with creating a dialog between mind and body. This reconnection makes change so much easier-- so you can do the extraordinary, with an ordinary mind.

Whatever intentions you set--losing weight, gaining strength and flexibility, feeling calmer throughout the day--I've got you. We focus on body and brain, as one. Because they were never separate to begin with. This is the wisdom of the whole. Let's explore this together

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