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Want Faster Results? Do This One Thing

In 2004, I ran the Boston Marathon. The race is in April, so if you live in the US, you’re training through the coldest months of the year. That year, the winter training runs were particularly cold. I remember my water and Gatorades turning from liquid to slushies on early morning runs. And yet, with the right clothing, every run felt good. I was ready to set a personal race record. But Mother Nature had something else in store. On race day, record heat was predicted. I remember worrying about how I would handle the temperatures. It ended up being one of the hottest Boston Marathons on record. Many runners dropped out and more runners flocked to medical tents with every passing mile.

Finishing that day was enough cause for celebration. But I couldn’t bring myself to celebrate. Instead, I did what came naturally—I critiqued my performance. I ran the race over again in my head, saying things like-

“You could have done better.” “Did you really need to walk at mile 14?” “You should have kept your pace up on that hill. You’re too easily distracted.” Now, I would never talk to my running mate that way. I would show her SO much more encouragement, praise, compassion, and respect.

At that time, I didn’t know how to offer those things to myself.

This is one of the most powerful tools that coaching has taught me. I had to learn how to have a better relationship with myself.

We all have that little voice inside of us. Our relationship with that voice is vital to our health and happiness.

Because that voice in your head can be a friend, or your foe.

It’s easy to go negative on ourselves. The harder work is that of self-compassion and acceptance.

This is a choice to be made.

Seeing that there’s a choice puts you in control of your quiet narrative. How you choose to speak to yourself and what you are choosing to believe is up to you.

It impacts every result created in your life, and whether your relationships get nurtured or sabotaged.

After the race, I was my own saboteur. My thoughts and words were unkind.

I didn’t see them as choices.

How do you relate to yourself? Do you choose to befriend or belittle?

Which are you offering to yourself right now?

Do you ever challenge your own thinking?

There’s so much to be gained by self-awareness.

Understand that you have a choice. That your thoughts are a choice.

Because you deserve the same kindness, grace, and patience you offer to others.

So the next time you hear yourself say that—

…you could have done better

…you messed up…again

…you are lazy

…you don’t have the willpower or don’t have what it takes

remember, these are just practiced thoughts.

What are you willing to think instead?

Practice finding the absolute truth in your experiences. When you do, you make peace with your brain. Life becomes a lot more enjoyable. Because here’s the thing-- you have what it takes to reach your goals. Up until now, you’ve been on autopilot thinking, at odds with yourself.

Make peace. Then watch your progress take off.

Clients come to me with their wellness goals. Their success takes off as they begin making peace with their thinking. It’s the most rewarding and unexpected byproduct of working together. Goals become inevitable. Live healthier and enjoy life. At the same time. From a peaceful, calmer mind. You can do this too. Start by booking a consult today. It’s yours, for FREE.

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