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When Diet and Exercise Aren't Working

When you feel like you’ve tried everything but the weight isn’t coming off, your clothes feel exactly the same, and no diet seems to be doing what it’s supposed to, I want you to try this instead.

Focus on your breath.

Most of us move through life barely paying attention to the rhythm of the breath. Air moves in, air flows out, all on its own. But you probably didn’t know that the quality of your breath matters.

How you breathe is how you live.

Returning to an unstressed state is the only way back to rest and digest: a calmer mind, a healthier gut, and improved metabolism. This restful state is the fountain of youth and good health.

It begins with something as simple as your breath.

The body uses the breath state as feedback on how you’re feeling, each and every minute of the day.

So when we’re engaged in “normal” living, moving from place to place, task to task, meanwhile worrying about getting to the school pickup line on time while planning a dinner menu in your head for that evening, what’s happening with your breath?

Breathing gets shallow and stuck when we’re in a chronic reactive state caused by fear, worry, and tension. Your body senses this. Stress and tension get lodged there and this affects everything from how you feel, to the kinds of thoughts you have, and even to how you digest.

Now to the good news: The breath is the one thing that you can control through awareness, Pilates, and other simple body and breathwork techniques. It’s possible to train the body into new patterns that boost mind-body harmony and better overall health.

So, if you’ve tried eating healthier and exercising harder and aren’t making much progress, look inward to the breath.

It’s simple and straightforward.

It will show you what is happening within.

Let it be your teacher.

P.S.--If you want to stop wasting your precious resources worrying about your body and ways to fix it, come to a free mini-coaching call. We’ll talk about your goals and what you have tried. You will leave with a next step to get you where you want to go.

And if joining a health coaching program feels like a fit, we can talk about that too. I won’t sell you on something you don’t want. That doesn’t serve either of us.

This is 45-minutes just for you. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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