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When You Don't Know What To Do

There’s no such thing as not knowing.


You always know.

You know what to do.

You know what has a good chance of working.

You know what you DON’T want to do.

And yet you hear yourself saying you don’t know.

I do too.

My coach once told me that I’m not allowed to answer any question with “I don’t know”. I looked back with a little head tilt.

Because not knowing sometimes feels really true.

In those moments, I force my wanna-be lazy brain to work with me.

To work for me. For an answer.

Because there’s always an answer, some truth, beneath the surface.

What not knowing really means is-

I know what to do, but I’m afraid to do it.

I might be wrong.

I’m afraid that I might fail.

I’m afraid of feeling embarrassed.

I’m afraid others won't like my decision, and might be upset with me.

And THAT is why we stay stuck in confusion.

You may forever hear the voice of not knowing.

And, you can learn to live and thrive, even with this voice of doubt.

You just have to be on to this useless thought.

Don’t settle for not knowing.

Stretch your mind a little further:

What happens when you tell yourself you don’t know?

What might happen if you did know?

If you knew what to do, what would you do next?

Then go do it!

Your intuition is never wrong.

Because here’s the critical piece:

You are hardwired to prove your own beliefs true (subconsciously).

Whatever you believe today, will become your tomorrow.

So believe something powerful.

Recognize what you DO know.

Accept that you’ve just been a little scared.

And don’t let that stop you from taking action.

That’s why coaching is so valuable. It’s like taking out the mental trash and replacing it with golden sun!

Look for the light.

If you need help, I’m here.

You can book a complimentary consult HERE to get started. Bring anything you’d like to work through, and let’s get to work.

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