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Why Feeling Bad Isn't a Problem

Your growth is inevitable when you keep showing up for yourself.

What this has looked like for me as a business owner is allowing myself to sometimes feel lousy.

Really lousy.

You see, once I decided that hitting rough patches is just a part of building my business, my business got easier. I chose to believe that this is a natural part of the process. A part of us already knows that the goals we choose will require a feeling discomfort; change is uncomfortable, even when it's a good kind of change.

But there will be times we forget that discomfort is normal. We forget that we are safe to feel uncomfortable.

Forgetting leads to stalling out. Our brains tell us that feeling bad means our plan isn’t working. We're doing it the wrong way. We get frustrated… with our body, with our loved ones, with our job. We see hard emotions as something to fix instead of something to experience, appreciate, and learn from.

We have all seen before that discomfort is necessary. When a baby learns to walk, we don’t make their falls mean that something has gone wrong. We see falls as a part of their development. Even when they've mastered speed-crawling, babies are still willing to fall while taking steps and walking.

This is the lesson to remember. We can choose to believe that our discomfort means that we’re growing. I’m believing that my discomfort is a sign that I’m getting closer to what I want.

This is how we grow toward our goals. We learn how nurture our mind and body while working toward greater strength, flexibility, and confidence in body, mind, and well-being.

So when it comes to your goals, remember that feeling bad isn't a problem. It means you are in the midst of change, on the right track, moving toward what you want.

Gift yourself with the belief that “It’s always working for me.” Open yourself up to discomfort and get curious when you are feeling stuck.

Put your mind to work and examine where your belief in your success is waning.

This is how I have stayed on track and continued to grow through a pandemic. It has felt scary and there were times when I wanted to quit. But I kept returning to my vision and belief. I knew what I wanted, despite moments of self-doubt, disappointment, and embarrassment.

It’s all a part of my story.

What is your story? Is this story moving you ahead, or does it have you feeling stuck or behind?

If you aren’t thriving, it's time to examine your story. You can begin to rewrite it today, making yourself the hero or heroine of your one amazing journey. Our job is to celebrate the highs and normalize the lows. It all is meant for us.

P.S.- Feeling discomfort is a part of reaching your goals. And it’s the reason so many never reach their goals, or struggle to create lasting results. Having someone who understands how the mind works can make all the difference and help you to change your story. Book a consult to discuss your goals and whether coaching is right for you.

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