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You can change your life in just 5 days

When I was in Pilates teacher certification, I needed hundreds of hours of practice instruction. Which meant that I was always looking for bodies…friends, family, friends of friends…to hop on a mat or machine so that I could practice cueing and learning about the body-in-motion. Mind-body connection. How they were responding... all in real time.

This one thing still sticks with me still-- something I heard over and over again from those who graciously offered to work with me for more than a session or two:

“I may be imagining this, but I already feel different in my body.”

This would usually happen after say, 5 to 10 sessions. We were only a few hours into Pilates. Yet what they felt was hardly imagined.

I’d say “Yes! You’re already making new neural connections."

Their body was already in the process of reprogramming itself, as they stood a little taller, felt a bit longer and stronger supported by their spine and core muscles. They felt less contracted and slouched.

They were moving through their days just a little differently, simply by awakening to their own interconnections.

The body is a beautiful thing.

I’ve been practicing Pilates for decades and I’m still finding new mind-body connections. It’s like the layers of an onion—we just keep peeling away, going deeper and deeper into the muscles. Making new neural pathways and rewiring the brain.

There's nothing unique to this process and Pilates. This rewiring happens all the time. If feeling better in your body is possible after just 5 Pilates sessions, imagine what could change in a matter of days and months in other areas of your life.

You could be thriving instead of surviving—

--following through on what you say you’re going to do, so you can stop feeling so disappointed

--spending less time in nervous energy, not knowing quite where it's coming from

--having more energy for things outside of the usual responsibilities, finally making room for fun

--and getting clear on what you uniquely need for nourishment, so you can stop thinking so much about food and overcomplicated routines.

I’m teaching all of this (and more) in my new wellness program, Aligned.

I often say that I want each of you to have more on-the-mat moments, OFF the mat. That means more inner calm, a greater sense of control, and a fresh lens for viewing your life, your body, and your well-being.

When you think differently, you’ll do differently. In days, not months. In Aligned, you’ll have time to practice taking new small steps to go deeper, peeling back the layers as you go, with all the support you need to get the results you came for.

And it starts the minute you commit to the program, to doing something wildly different than you’ve ever done before.

I can't wait to watch you thrive. Join today.


If you know you want to join Aligned, you can register today! Click here to pay and reserve your place.

Curious and need to discuss it in more detail? Click here to book your consultation. Let's chat. It’s free. If you’re at all curious, it’s worth finding out if this is for you.

Registration will remain open until May 5th.

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