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You Just Might Need to Hear This Today

Dear One,

You know that thing you have been putting off doing?

Perhaps you’re telling yourself that you can’t. Or that you don’t know how. Or that you’ve tried so many times before and have never been successful.

You may feel like your energy has stalled and you’re stuck.

But what if you are not stuck at all, and simply in need of restoration?

What if it’s time to bring fresh energy into your body, mind and spirit?

Allow life to support you when you are tired. Relax and reconnect with your purpose and to life itself.

This is a gentle reminder to love yourself tenderly.

Through the lens of self-compassion, old failures are simply experiments that produced undesired results.

No judgment is needed.

We learn through taking action, building confidence along the way.

You are growing into what is possible, one small action at a time.

Consistent action will yield accomplishments in beautiful, unimaginable ways. Trust yourself.

Offer yourself patience and compassion as you learn.

Nothing happens by accident, and when you can embrace it all, courage and strength remain. Concentrate on your strengths and gifts.

Take stock of what is going well (because something always is).

You are the inventor of your future.

What new experiments will you run? What discoveries await you?

Let your heart lead the way.

Believe in yourself.

Ask what might be the next step.

Trust your answer and go there.

Sending love and light.


PS— Where are you feeling stalled in your path forward? Comment below.

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