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Your #1 Prescription for Feeling Better

Your personal prescription holds more healing power than many medical breakthroughs do.

When I began my holistic health journey, I examined many aspects of wellness. I began with the most commonly investigated elements of good health:

my diet and exercise routines were carefully crafted. When food sensitivities became an issue, I went on an elimination diet (something I never imagined I’d be able to do).

I took various doctor-prescribed supplements to address nutritional and hormonal deficiencies.

my sleep routine was adjusted so that I wake feeling well-rested on most days.

But what I have come to realize is that, while these aspects of health are a huge piece of the puzzle, there is more to a healthy life than what is purely physical and biochemical.

Holistic health extends beyond our diet, sleep, and exercise to include relationships, creative expression, financial abundance, meaningful work, playfulness, spiritual connection, and a sense of belonging.

Our most powerful medicine comes from a life lived in alignment with our deepest truth.

When we stray from intentional living, an underlying tension settles within our bodies. Over time, this stress can manifest as physical pain, mental illness, chronic disease, and an unhappy, unfulfilled existence.

Left unaddressed, we can make ourselves sick. We forget that we possess the power to change. Or we fear that what we want would be harshly judged by others.

And yet, there is no special diet, exercise routine, or drug that is enough to counteract these harmful heath effects. Addressing the root cause of our stress is the key to better health.

While it is seldom obvious in the moment, healing begins with our mind. Our body is always the mirror to our mind’s state of health.

I first observed the mirror effect of mind and body while my family was on vacation.

At the time, although my diet, exercise, and sleep habits were well-established, I was still experiencing physical symptoms from the harmful effects of stress.

I had not addressed this aspect of wellness, and my body was letting me know.

What I noticed was that, after a day or two of vacation-life, my symptoms miraculously disappeared! My health noticeably improved after just a few short days in a calmer setting. Once back in my routine, the symptoms returned.

Maybe you have experienced this yourself.

And then you might do what I did next: I jumped to the quick conclusion that vacation healed my body.

But a place cannot change our physiology. It can't. But our minds can.

The magic of vacation came from the disruption of stressful thinking. This made room in my mind for more positive, calming thoughts.

When we think better thoughts, we feel better. Positivity translates into healthy, healing emotions like love, connection, fun, creativity, and awe.

When the mind is healthy, the body can self-heal.

This is good news, because it means that better health won’t require 52 weeks of vacation per year!

Reducing stress in our lives, and how we perceive stress, is all we need to start feeling better.

Positivity works by interrupting the stress response, eliciting something called the relaxation response. The relaxation response is the antidote to stress and worry. It counters the harmful effects of chronic stress.

When our bodies are relaxed, they begin to self-repair.

Positivity has the power to both prevent and heal existing illnesses.

So how do we cultivate self-healing?

We need to live our most aligned life, quieting the stress response.

An audit of the stressors and restorative activities in your life will help reveal imbalances standing in the way of healing.

Take note of the stressors, and reduce them, one by one.

To discover ways for eliciting the relaxation response, consider what values are most important for you, and what makes you feel most alive.

The answers to those questions are a part of your personal prescription for a healthier life.

Design your days so that your mind and body get recovery time.

The more restorative activities you can build into your day, the healthier and more balanced your life will become.

Your personal prescription is powerful medicine for preventive care and self-healing.

What will you write for yourself?


P.S.- What wellness goal do you have? In my 1:1 wellness coaching program, I help you make strong decisions and consistent progress toward better health. I help you maximize your time toward powerful results.

Writing your own prescription is your most powerful medicine. You learn to trust your way of doing things, while I help you bring awareness to the process. This is the way to lasting change.

To learn more, email me at

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