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Your Future Is Your Property

As the days get shorter, I've found myself slowing down and reflecting on this past year.

One of the most powerful lessons that I have learned, and embodied at a new level, this year is that my brain is my most powerful tool for creating my desired future.

Your future is also yours to create, and what we create comes from how we think and what we feel.

Creating the future you desire, with the results you want in your life, takes a shift in your current perspectives. Spending more time in new thoughts evolves your thinking--you aren’t just doing things differently, you become a new version of yourself.

So whether it’s a weight loss goal, a running goal, a nutrition goal, or even a financial goal, your thoughts create your outcome. That’s why it isn’t enough to simply focus on new actions. If your thinking does not evolve along with your actions, your human brain is wired to slip back into old patterns.

Where you are currently directing your time and attention comes from your thinking. Thinking ABOUT your thinking is a skill that I spend a lot of time practicing and teaching to my clients. When you have a deeper awareness of your thoughts, your mental and emotional log jams will reveal themselves.

Loosening up the log jams is key to reaching your goals.

If you have a goal, but you’re afraid of how you’re going to feel if you don’t meet it, you will have doubts about that goal. Doubt creates procrastination and confusion. Doubt slows you down.

But what if the point of the goal isn’t to reach the goal, but instead to evolve your thinking? To teach you who you need to be in order to live into your goal?

Goals are an invitation. An invitation to grow our self-compassion and to be okay with disappointment, no matter what the outcome.

When you aren’t taking action, it’s because you’re protecting yourself from an emotion, like disappointment. For me, that has meant leaning into my anxiety. I have taught myself how to process this emotion with less resistance. Resisting the emotion intensified the experience and prolonged the anxiety.

That doesn’t mean that I still don’t experience it. I do. Now I have the awareness and the tools to process it. What this means in real life is that I no longer see anxiety as a reason to stop taking action toward my goals, to stop making offers, or to try to fix my feelings.

This is what I teach my clients to do too, and it's why they accomplish so much more in less time.

They grow their confidence and their awareness of their emotions. They learn how to feel emotion in their bodies. They use their emotions as information, so they can see their own minds. They stay in action and blow their own minds, doing what they thought wasn’t possible. Because they no longer fear their emotions.

If you find yourself saying that your goals aren’t possible for you, there is a way to set yourself free toward an incredible future.

Join me.

I’m inviting you into my 3-month holistic coaching program, where we work on mind-body connection and learn a new way of working toward goals.

If you would like to explore this work in 2022, living into belief of what’s possible, there is no better time to join. It begins with a free call.

You can book your call HERE or using the Contact Form on this website.

And reach out to me anytime with questions, comments, or to find a time that works for you.

Talk to you soon.


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