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Your Mind Shapes Your Body. Here's How

Thoughts have created every outcome you’ve ever had up until now.

The person you marrried? A thought.

The school you went to? A thought.

What you had for breakfast this morning? Also a thought.

Your mind will shape today.

And it will largely determine your tomorrow.

Mindsets determine your actions. And those actions will shape your future.

Let’s look at an example.

Take woman A: She has lost 15 pounds for an upcoming wedding. She’s pumped about hitting her goal. She bought an Ah-mazing dress for the occasion. People tell her how good she looks. She loves her new body. Except that her stomach’s growling, yet she ignores being hungry. She’s irritable and feels low energy. She needs food, but she can’t afford to risk the calories. Coffee helps a lot. She thinks a lot about food. Like when she can take that next bite into all the favorite things she’s given up for months. She plans to push herself to exercise more so that she can enjoy eating again. She questions whether she can keep the weight off for good this time.

Now consider woman B: She has lost 15 pounds this year. She’s pumped about hitting her goal. She went shopping to celebrate her new body. People tell her how good she looks. She feels amazing. They also say things like “you seem different” and “your energy is calmer”. She stands taller, unafraid to be noticed. She also feels less stressed out and easily “set off” by other people, like her boss and coworkers. She’s gone down two jean sizes but to her, the best part is how much stronger and more connected to her body she is. She isn’t worried about her weight anymore because she knows how to work with her body, not against it. It almost feels too simple, yet the results are proof that her plan is working. It feels sustainable, like she could do this forever. She’s no longer confused about what to do.

Both women lost the same 15 pounds.

But their future outcomes will look different.

This is the power of mindset and body awareness, together.

Woman A has been forcing herself to do things that she doesn’t love. She cannot do this hard work forever. The only way out is to quit. She’s confused about how to make real change.

Woman B has new awareness. She knows what to do next because she has changed her relationship with herself. And it doesn’t stop there. She relates to others differently too. She has unlimited access to her body wisdom for answers. Her path is one that deepens over time with lived experience.

Perspective matters.

Without new perspective, you’ll see old patterns repeat themselves.

You don’t have to stay on repeat. You aren’t stuck on a single track.

Mind-body connection is a skill that you can build. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

The stronger you become.

What do you want for your future health?

What could happen if you chose to focus on it?

What could happen if you chose not to?

Now is the perfect time to reflect on both your blessings (what you have created) and your future (what you want to create 6 months from now).

You’re one mindset shift away from making the change you've been thinking about.

I’m here to help you get there.

See you soon.

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